API Integrations

Dirrax has a vast experience in API integration and development services. Improve the functionality of your application with our innovative API integration services.      We offer the best and fast API solution to our clients to improve the functionality of an application.


Custom API integration services By Dirrax


Transform your business digitally along with our customized API integration services. With our Applications programming interfaces or API, you can make your data flow within your application more secure, reliable, and smooth. With our unique solutions, you can make your apps work together smoothly and conveniently.

API services in which we deal

Customized API development services

Improve the functionality of your existing application with our customized API development services.

API as a Services

With our API as a Service, you will make your apps easier to work with the third-party API. With it, you can easily manage your application.

Social media API

Enhance visibility of your website without social media API services. Connect with more customers, improve your ROI, and boost your social media presence with us.

API integration services

Attach or integrate your existing application with the third-party API, to add all the new exciting features to your application.

Payment Gateway API integration

Join your website along with a payment gateway with our customized payment gateway API integration services. Major payment gateway in which we deal is PayU, Billdesk, Google Checkout, and many more.

Third-party API integration services

Get the best third-party API integration services and improve the productivity of your business along with us. Add all the unique features to your website with our excellent third-party API integrations services.

How our API integration is beneficial for your business?

With the help of API integrations, a business can offer its customers a better experience. Here are some of the significant advantages of API integration that you should know:

Ease of integration

An API is a part that permits various stages, applications, and frameworks to interface and offers data with one another, and does different kinds of undertakings. For example, specific programming can be utilized inside one more or associated with other devices to smooth out particular cycles.

Offers better services

APIs work on executing new applications, plans of action, and advanced items and permit powerful complementation with outsider items or administrations while working on their turn of events. Consequently, numerous engineers and business people will pay for its utilization.


APIs are fundamental for computerized change and for inventive plans of action creation and advancement. They are the premise of using financial matters, which can be grown quicker, better, and at a lower cost.


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