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“The best in town”

Not only has this team done a great job with website bonnie, but what I love most about Tom is that he really understands how to design beautiful websites that convert customers. took the time to tell me why he is doing what he is doing for my website which I love so much. 

Silva Andrea

Nashville TN

“Tech is now easy!”

I had a small website with no traffic. We commissioned the Dirrax team to design the website. They did a great job and knew exactly what I wanted and needed. Now they are working on my SEO with great results. I recommend them for website design. Thank you!

Stevanie Risa

Cleveland OH

“They made it easy”

I found Dirrax Web Designer and hired them to create my website. Not only have they done an excellent job with the visual/ functional side of the site, they have also helped build a significant Google presence. 

Johny Vista

Nashville TN